7 Easy Things You Should Do Before the New Year

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Written by DJ Fuji         Topics: Life Coaching,Pickup,Self Improvement


As of today, you now have 11 days left in the year 2010. Seems like the year flew by, huh? I know it did for me.

Most of us are probably thinking about New Years, or Christmas, or what our resolutions are going to be for 2011. But don’t wait for January to start doing things. Here are seven things (in no particular order) you can and should do in the next 11 days to close out 2010 with a bang.

1. Ramp up Day Game.

If you’re not doing day game right now, you’re missing one of the best times of the year. Dec, Feb, and the spring/summer months are the best times you’ll ever find for day game. Dec & Feb is good because no one wants to be alone for the holidays or for Valentine’s Day. And the spring/summer months are good because people are out enjoying the weather after the long winter. Even if you’re not a fan of day game, I would recommend ramping it up hard core during these months. And right now there’s the added bonus of most malls being swarmed with attractive girls that are out shopping until midnight. Don’t miss out. (If your next question is, “but Fuji, I don’t know how to do day game,” then I would suggest coaching. For a limited time you can get an hour of 1-on-1 phone coaching for $97. Contact me and mention you want the “2010 phone coaching special.” Regular price: $200.)

2. Watch the lunar eclipse

The December 21 lunar eclipse starts early Tuesday morning (1:33 AM EST) according to CNN. During this time, the full moon will go through a range of dramatic color changes. Bring your cameras. Now guess what you can show that cute girl you’re talking to at the bar next weekend when you need a (plausibly deniable) reason to bring her back to your place? You’re welcome.

3. Organize

Most people wait until January to start doing things. The problem with that is most people’s lives are so disorganized that come January 1st, you can’t even START doing things until you get your life and workspace organized first. Solution: Organize now in order to start off fresh and ready on the 1st. How do you go about this? Funny you should ask.

4. Homework/Drills

It’s freezing outside, a lot of the bars and clubs are empty, and most of us have a decent amount of time off from work. What does that mean to you? Time to catch up on all that homework that you’ve been procrastinating on. That means start analyzing your sticking points. Doing the conversation drills I lectured on during the Americas Tour. Figuring out what’s holding your game back the most. Prioritizing what you’re going to do to fix it. Working on your fashion lookbook. Scheduling a haircut. Rehearsing some new routines. You get the idea. Take advantage of the downtime to really start doing your homework. Field time is important but so is analysis and homework.

5. Online game

Another good use of the down time during the holidays, coupled with the fact that single people seek out dates and mates during the holiday season. I used online game extensively in 2006 and 2007 when I was working on day2s and mid/end game. I needed massive numbers of day2s in order to not care about the outcome and get more experience, and cold approach day2s were hard to come by at the time. I used online game (hotornot/match/POF/etc) to line up multiple dates every week so that no single outcome on a date ever became overly important to me. I didn’t have very many resources at the time, but if I had to do it all over again, I’d definitely look into Bravo’s stuff. He’s a good friend of mine and has some really, really good insights into online game. If you made it to PU Summit 2010 you know what I’m talking about.

6. New Year’s Action Plan

Almost a year ago I wrote a post about why new year’s resolutions were basically worthless and why you should instead be making ACTION PLANS. If you didn’t do it last year or weren’t around to read it, then now is the time. And if you did do it, well, congratulations. I’m sure you’ve seeing the rewards throughout 2010. I know I have. Continue the process for next year. In either case, work on your action plan before Jan 1 so that come the new year, you can stop researching and start DOING.

7. Schedule coaching

Could be pickup coaching, but I don’t necessarily mean that. I mean coaching in general. Is there something you want to get better at in 2011? I hope so. Maybe it’s making more money? Being better at game? Having better style? Being in better shape? If you want to get good at something and you don’t have a VERY clear, concise, and detailed goal on exactly how you’re going to do it, then you’re probably going to want to get coaching.

“Oh sure, Fuji,” you might be thinking, “Easy for you to say since you PROVIDE the coaching.”

Yes, I do. But I’m also a STUDENT to my many coaches. I have a coach for internet marketing. I paid him several thousand dollars a short while ago to help me reach more students with my message. I have a coach for public speaking. Just paid him a grand to have him coach me on my speaking skills. I’m also writing a book. I think I’m a pretty decent writer. But I’m paying a coach another $3,000 to help me with that. And that isn’t even covering the tens of thousands of dollars I spent on pickup coaching during my main learning phase (not to mention what I spent on college).

So yeah, I’m a coach. But when I tell you guys to find coaching, I’m speaking from experience, not from behind the keyboard. I walk the walk.

[quote]Figure out what you want to get good at next year, whether it be pickup or underwater basketweaving. Then start looking into coaching and figure out what date works for you. Schedule it, even if other things might come up. At the very least, have it in your calendar. Coaching ain’t cheap, I’ll be the first to tell you that. But it’s not expensive because it’s an investment. I refuse to be a guy who invests his money into stocks, real estate, or other things but who then refuses to invest money into himself. I will save, scrimp, or get a second job if I need to, but I will always be investing in myself no matter what my situation is like. Don’t be that guy who ‘considers’ coaching but never acts on it. If I did that, you wouldn’t be reading this right now because I never would have gotten good at pickup..

Posted on December 20, 2010