Last Chance to see me LIVE at The 21 Convention


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It’s that time again, gents. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already since the last 21 Convention event. For those of you fairly new to the blog, last year’s convention was my first major speaking engagement after having resigned from the old company and starting out on my own. Even though I had decent media exposure from my previous employer, I was, for the most part, walking into the convention as a “nobody.” In fact, I was technically a fill-in for someone else who couldn’t make it. And even when I gave the speech, I thought I was bombing it.

But to my surprise, the reviews, emails, and feedback started pouring in and apparently people liked it. That one little speech seemingly launched my career, giving way to MTV deals, interviews, documentary appearances, and tons of exposure. But even more important than that were the emails that started to flood my inbox. Emails from hundreds of guys around the world who had taken that speech to heart and had used the tools I presented to change their lives. It’s gotten to the point where one of the big highlights for me every day is reading those emails and answering questions. Realizing that you made a difference. Because that’s what it’s all about.

Suffice to say, I’m eternally grateful to Anthony “Dream” Johnson for all of his help, support, and encouragement, and in a few days I’m once again joining him and other world-famous speakers in Orlando to rock the house for this year’s epic 21 Convention.

It’s amazing how much has changed in only a year. Long term students have lost their virginity.

I’m actually really excited for this year’s event because the emphasis has evolved significantly in only 12 months. Starting in 2008 and continuing through to 2009 and this year, the focus of the 21 convention has shifted from “pickup” and “seduction” to “Men’s Success.” In my mind, that change is absolutely critical as it helps to break down many of the potentially damaging and dogmatic beliefs we used to hold in seduction and pickup.

It’s not that pickup or seduction is bad. On the contrary, this community has transformed my life and is responsible for just about everything I have today. But there’s also a dark side to the community, and (pardon the geek references) without the light, the darkness can easily consume you. I remember back in 2005 and 2006 when most of us were still running indirect game. The vast majority of our belief systems revolved around unworthiness, lacking confidence, and existing in a headspace of constantly trying to ‘trick’ people into liking us. That of course sounds ludicrous to me today, but at the time that was considered “normal.”

The 21 Convention is unique in the fact that it is consistently evolving due to Dream’s insane and borderline unhealthy passion obsession with improvement. But that kind of dedication is what makes him who he is and what makes this event so special. Along with many of 2009’s speakers, I will be joined this year alongside such prolific speakers as Mark Sisson, Rick Smith, Steve “El Topo” Mayeda, Daniel Rose, and others. Dream has managed to recruit some of the best instructors, mentors, speakers, and teachers in the world on topics such as exercise, body building, entrepreneurship, health, sex, spirituality, and of course, pickup. If you attend no other live event this year, make it a point to join us in Orlando next weekend. It’s an event you won’t want to miss.

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Oh and I almost forgot, I’ll be offering in-field training in Orlando as well on both Friday and Saturday nights. I have extremely limited availability and sign ups are first-come, first-serve, so don’t procrastinate on this.

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Hope to see all of you guys there..

Posted on July 17, 2010