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So it occurred to me that one of the great things about transatlantic flights (especially from California to Europe) is that the lack of internet access for up to 12 hours means your laptop now lacks the endless distraction we call the internet and you HAVE to get stuff done. Well, either that or play Street Fighter 4. Not that I would ever partake in such geeky hobbies. *ahem* Let’s just say I didn’t get as much done on the plane trip over here as I would have liked. On the bright side, I’m now pretty good at focus attack combos. 🙂

So for those of you guys who aren’t on my facebook (feel free to friend request me) or Youtube, you might not have seen the PUA Impressions video I put up a few weeks ago. Basically a bunch of us Psych was doing some absolutely brilliant PUA Impressions at The 21 Convention and I caught a bunch of them on tape. I’m in the process of editing them into short videos, but the first one is here:

On a somewhat related note, I’ll be on a speaker’s panel at the Annual Global PUA Summit in Hollywood next month on September 26th-27th. If you plan on going but don’t have tickets yet, I’d recommend getting them before prices go up. You’ll get to see heavy hitters like “AFC” Adam Lyons, BradP, and a bunch of others. Plus I may do another free, post-event-mini-seminar for attendees like the ones El Topo and I (along with Psych/Adonis/Heartwork/etc) did at The 21 Convention.

Speaking of which, I also recently did interviews with a couple of seduction sites, namely and The interview is audio based (mp3) and we got a chance to talk a lot about training philosophy, whether looks/money matter, and a bunch of other concepts. You can listen to the audio or download the mp3 by right-clicking here and selecting “save as”.

I’m back from Germany next week where I’ve got a few days of relaxation before I start my 1-month nationwide coaching tour. It’s gonna be insane. Stay tuned for pictures & podcasts from Germany and more info on next month’s events..

Posted on August 28, 2009