T21C 2010 Attendees — Last Chance at a Free Boot Camp! Deadline is TODAY


Written by DJ Fuji         Topics: General

I normally don’t do this because I’m a hardass and expect men to be men and be responsible adults. But I suppose I’ve gone soft because I’m giving you procrastinators one last chance.

Today is the deadline for applications for the free boot camp offer for those who attended T21C Orlando 2010. That’s right, for a measly $150 ticket price, some lucky-but-deserving-guy is going to get a $2000 boot camp — free. To my knowledge, I’m the first and only coach to give out actual training vouchers as prizes at live events. But it’s no longer going to be random. From now on, training voucher prizes are going to be more like scholarships — they will be awarded to the most worthy candidates.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, then I highly suggest you attend next year’s 21 Convention Event, either in Europe or Orlando. You just might get a free boot camp out of it..

Posted on September 1, 2010