Top 10 Signs You’ve Been in “Pickup” Too Long


Written by DJ Fuji         Topics: General

I originally wrote this in like 2006 and it spread around all the forums back then. Stumbled across it recently and decided to update it for 2010 as pick up has changed a lot since ’06. You old-timers will probably remember some of the references from back in the day.

10. You know who Eben, Erik, Neil, and Owen are, but you refuse to call them by their real names unless they insist. Sometimes not even then.

9. Every time you hang out with your friends/wings, you crack at least one joke “asking for a female opinion”.

8. Your former porn hiding space is now overrun with pickup books and DVDs.

7. When people mention “Tyler Durden” from Fight Club you’re not thinking of Brad Pitt. It’s actually weird to watch fight club again because all the references have different meanings to you. The project mayhem cult references are twice as funny in an inside-joke sort of way.

6. You wear too much jewelry and own too many shirts with skulls, bones, and swirly prints.

5. You get more PU newsletter emails than emails from real people.

4. When your mom visits and tells you that you should clean up your apartment, you think of how to handle her shit test.

3. SNL no longer refers to Saturday evening television programs.

2. You care more about the natural game vs canned/routines debate than you do about oil spills, health care reform, and conflicts in the middle east… combined.

1. You’re reading this top 10 list shit. At work. 🙂


Posted on August 28, 2010