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Written by DJ Fuji         Topics: Current Events,Humor

Infield with Quagmire the Guru

Quick post tonight… thought I’d pass this along to you guys. The TV show Family Guy just aired an episode called “Tiegs for Two” that’s unmistakably about PUAs. They also managed to simultaneously insult Michael J Fox, the entire Parkinson’s Disease community, Chinese people, Black people, Street Fighter II, fat chicks, polish people, and a whole host of other groups. Interestingly enough, they insinuate that the worst thing someone can be called is “Polish.” Given that it was thrown as an insult to the “instructor” on the show, I’m curious if that was an intentional jab at one of the only polish “gurus” in the scene.

In either case, overall one of the funniest episodes they’ve ever aired. It wasn’t terribly accurate with its portrayal of this community, but that’s the point — it’s a comedy, not a documentary. And as a parody, it definitely succeeds.

And at the risk of yet another Street Fighter-inspired post, they also paid homage to the game that started it all. Good stuff.

You can watch the episode online by clicking on any of the images or by going here.

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Posted on April 12, 2011