square peg in round holeI don’t believe in teaching guys a method or a system. That’s why you’ll never see the “DJ Fuji Method.” Because every method is inherently flawed. There are always weaknesses to each method and not every method is suitable for every individual. Take a natural and give him an indirect opener and stock material. He’s going to hate it because it makes him come off weird. Now give a 40-year-old virgin “natural game.” He’s going to continually fumble and run out of things to say. The fact is, not every method is optimal for every individual.

Even if you could design a method that worked universally for every student, it would be necessarily open ended, general, and extremely vague in order to suit everyone. It would be, in essence, worthless.

But there’s one thing every student needs, no matter what style he uses, what method he follows, or what experience level he brings to the table. There’s one thing that’s universal and doesn’t rely on a specific personality type.


The one thing you’ll always need are the fundamentals. Routines don’t get you good with women. Natural game doesn’t, either. Same for magic tricks. Ditto for “state.”

At the end of the day, for 99% of guys out there, there’s only one thing that gets you results: Fundamentals.

It’s the same for basketball players, chess players, photographers, or fighter pilots. Fundamentals are the backbone of what gets results. They are the lay-up of basketball, the stance of a wrestler, the punch of a boxer, and the forehand of a tennis player.

The fundamentals are the foundation upon which everything else is built. And just like a house built on a shaky foundation, poor fundamentals will undermine everything that you are striving to do and become. In essence, not learning and focusing on this will condemn you to be forever inconsistent and reliant on “getting lucky.”

Fundamentals are what create the cause-and-effect relationship which allows you to consistently improve and better your interactions with women.

My training philosophy revolves around teaching students these fundamentals and then teaching them how to crosstrain and find a system that works best FOR THEM.

We do this by working closely with our clients in 1-on-1 settings and through personal mentorship. We don’t just GIVE you the tools to succeed… we stand behind you and shove you toward your goal until you achieve it. As one client described it, we “force you to get good at this.”

If that sounds like a challenge you’re up for, maybe we’d work well together.

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