1-Day Intensive Immersion Courses


-Infield w/ hidden mics

-Drills rather than lecture

-BL breakdowns

-Fashion Breakdowns


-Shave months, even years off learning curve

-The best value you'll find in the community for live training

I teach because it makes life worth living. I teach because it gives me a reason to live. I teach because it gets results for guys and changes lives.

This course is strictly limited to 3 students. That's it. Not 3-students-per-each-rookie-ass-junior-instructor. Three PERIOD. With me only. It's me personally coaching 3 of you both infield and on exercises and drills in the classroom.


Hey guys,

DJ Fuji here. If you're reading this, you probably know who I am. In a nutshell, I'm you guys… only fast forwarded by a few years. I was a day short of being a 20 year old virgin who had never even held a girl's hand. I wish I could have considered myself 'average,' but I'd be lying to you guys. The community had a term for me: WBAFC. Way Below AFC. Not only was I average and frustrated, but I was WAY BELOW that guy.

Fast forward a few years. The skills and techniques have since naturalized into instincts. The lines and routines are now unnecessary. I am no longer doing because that has changed into being. And every step along the way I have taken detailed notes on the journey so that those who come after me have a guide to follow. I didn't originally intend for the journal to be for others. I started it because I wanted a record of my own journey.

But after I started teaching this, I realized how invaluable that was in learning this at an accelerated pace designed for fast results. I started incorporating all the skills, drills, exercises, and nuggets of gold that I had learned from nearly every possible source into a training curriculum that was unlike any that the community had seen. Pretty soon I started to develop an almost cult following generated nearly entirely from word of mouth. I lacked the marketing experience to get my name out there but somehow the word-of-mouth-marketing turned “DJ Fuji” into a community household name.

That's probably how you heard of me. That's probably why you're here. I'm going to take another shot in the dark. You're probably also sick and tired of the hype marketing in this community. I know I am.

You know what I'm talking about. The latest “get any woman you want now” marketing in BOLD RED FONT? Yeah, me too. I'm on all the email lists as well, so I see the same thing you guys do. And I'm sick of the lies, deceit, and promising anything for a sale. I'm sick of hearing about the new magic pill every month that will GUARANTEE that you can get any girl you've ever seen, in any circumstance and situation. And I'm sick of companies that constantly make empty promises and who think that lying to customers is okay if it makes them a quick buck. And I'm willing to bet that you guys are too.

So while I do truly believe in my services, I'm going to forgo the professional copywriter and hype marketing and instead give you guys the real scoop. Perhaps that makes it more real, more vivid, and closer to the truth than you want to know. Perhaps you aren't ready for the truth. That's okay. Because one day, you will be. And when that time comes, I'll be here.

Now let's talk brass tacks. You want real world results. Ideally, you want them quickly. Like yesterday. And you want actual change, rather than temporary illusions. How do I know this? Because it wasn't that long ago that I was in your shoes. I've felt what you've felt. I've been through what you're going through. And I know what it feels like to be LONELY. Now maybe you're better off than I was, and you have some women in your life but you want more options. If that's the case, then awesome, congratulations on your success so far.

But for me, just the ability to hold a girl's hand was completely out of my reality a few short years ago. I wasn't the guy who wanted options (plural). I was the guy who wanted just 1 option. I was the guy who just wanted to not have to sit at home and watch tv by myself on a weekend night while everyone else had dates or hung out with friends. So if that's also YOUR reality, don't fret — the situation is fixable.

Whatever your existing skill level, you're here reading this for one reason — because you want to get better. And more likely than not, you want to get better because you're less than 100% satisfied with your current progress.

That's good — it means you're striving to better yourself. It means you're taking this seriously. That's the first step to getting good — actually realizing that this is going to take some work on your part.

Now here comes the tough part. In fact, most of you reading this won't even understand it the first time I say it… you'll have to back up and read it again.


Statistically, you will never achieve your goal. You won't ever get good at this.

I know what you're thinking. “Nah, that's not me, he's talking about the other lair guys.” No one will thinks they're going to fail at this. But 95% of guys who are studying pickup, seduction, women, whatever you want to call it — won't ever get good. And I don't mean they won't ever become superstars. I mean they won't ever even get to the point where they can approach confidently and get dates consistently. That's just a baseline competency if you ask me. A place where most of us want to get to at a bare minimum.

Ninety-Five percent.

That's a HUGE failure rate. That's a higher drop out rate than U.S. Marine Corps Basic Training. Hell, that's even higher than the U.S. Navy Seals Hell Week.

95% means that out of 100 guys in this community, only 5 — if that — will ever get anywhere.

And that's really, really sad to realize, especially from my point of view as a coach. I'm actively trying to change that, but for that to happen, I need you guys to realize something.

You are not a special snowflake. Statistically, you won't be in that 5% unless you can out-perform 95 out of 100 guys. Are you working harder than 95 out of 100 guys in your lair? Are you going out more than 95% of them? Are you approaching more sets, pushing harder, getting more training, and overall putting more into this than NINETY FIVE percent of your comrades? Probably not.

Everyone wants to believe they'll be the exception to that rule. But if all of you are saying that but 95% end up failing, then there's an error somewhere in the math. Either my 95% figure is wrong, or the vast majority of you who think you're going to get good are mistaken. And seeing as how I'm Asian, my math is UNLIKELY to be wrong. 🙂

You see where I'm going with this. A 95% drop out rate means that the odds are stacked higher than Navy Seals Training, PhD Programs, Med School, and Ivy League Entrance Exams — combined. It means that you have an infinitesimally small chance of actually making it — and you have a tidal wave of environmental factors that point to your failure. It almost seems like it's not even worth trying. It almost seems like this is a waste of time. That it's just mental masturbation. And you know what, for many of you, it will be.

But for every 100 individuals, there will be 5 that don't see things that way. I call them the 5% club. They aren't the most talented guys. They aren't the smartest guys. They aren't even the best looking or the tallest guys. They are the HARDEST WORKING and MOST DETERMINED guys. That's what makes them stand out. That's what puts them in the 5% zone. Their ability to overcome obstacles and do whatever it takes to get good. They are the champions, the elite, the top guys, the best of the best. And if there's one thing I've learned, it's that the 5 percent club is a VERY exclusive club. Oftentimes, you're there by yourself.

Now the real question is, are you in the 5 or the 95 club? If you're not sure, look around. Ask yourself if you are working harder than 95% of the guys in your local lair. Ask yourself if you're more disciplined, better trained, and can execute better than 95% of the guys you've seen at seminars, workshops, and lair meetings.

If you want to be in the 5% club, by definition you have to be willing to do what the other 95% are UNWILLING to do. You have to go out when you're sick. You have to open when you don't feel like it. And you have to do whatever it takes to overcome the obstacles in your path toward getting good.

A big part of that process is TRAINING. No one has EVER gotten good without either natural talent, training, or about a decade of trial and error experience. Try to think of a coach who has the skills you want who got good without any of those 3 factors. I doubt you can think of one.

And this conclusion then should tell you something. That if you don't want to put in a decade of blow outs to learn this, and you don't have a lot of natural talent, then that leaves you one option: Training.

Would you learn martial arts from an ebook? Piano from a DVD series? Gymnastics or diving from a CD audio course? I'm guessing no. So why is pickup any different?

I'll tell you why, and it has nothing to do with pickup. It has everything to do with the fact that most men do not have the confidence to admit their shortcomings with women by taking training. Our egos (in essence your self concept) are self-preserving entities which try to protect themselves. Part of that process means that our egos want to believe that we are good with women. Every man wants to believe that. And even in the face of obvious evidence to the contrary, we instinctively fight to keep that illusion alive. This is why men lie about their lays, inflate their numbers, and exaggerate their stories. Because no one's ego wants to take the hit associated with, “I need help with women.”

Now I'm going to make an assumption here that if you're still reading this, then you've gotten over that ego. I'm going to also assume that you're in the running for the 5% club, or that you're striving for that at the very least.

If so, good. We're on the same page.

Now the next step is to figure out what's going to help you the most.

Most of us have spent a good part of our younger years in a classroom setting. That is, sitting at a desk and listening to a teacher lecture. Let's take math, for example. The first time you learned to add or subtract, you probably did it in a classroom. Do you remember that experience? Do you remember what teacher you had, what she said, and where you were when you first learned to add? If you can't remember, that doesn't mean you're getting old. It means you're normal. I can't remember either.

But… do you remember when you first learned to ride a bike? Do you remember who was there, where you were, and what time of day it was? For me, I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was with my dad in the parking lot of his office and he was running behind me pushing the bike by the seat and I just took off. I felt amazing. I felt free.

Now… why can I remember riding a bike but not the first time I learned addition and subtraction?

I'll tell you why. It's because lecture-based learning is MASSIVELY INEFFECTIVE compared to application or experiential-based learning. We remember what we EXPERIENCE and what we do MUCH more than anything we hear. Absorbption rates sky rocket once you have actual experience doing something. Take a look at how retention “experts” group ways of learning.