a la Carte Infield Training

The majority of my boot camps and coaching right now are done through my coaching programs because they’re specifically designed to maximize your results and progress in the shortest amount of time. However, I periodically offer “a la Carte” Infield Training as part of a superconference or special event. These discounted events occur only a few times a year and are generally limited to 3 students per Master Instructor (Unlike most companies I don’t use Jr. Instructors/interns/approach coaches). Here’s how it all works:

At a Glance:

Dates: Various, coincides with speaking engagements
Time: Depends on city, generally 10:00PM until closing, plus a 2-3 hour debrief session. Expect to be out until around daybreak.
Tuition: 797USD unless specified otherwise


Infield Training is the gold standard in social skill development. Put bluntly, to my knowledge, no one without natural talent has ever gotten good in a reasonable time without training. If you look at the pickup coaches today, every single one of them is either a semi natural or has taken training. That observation coincides with my personal experience and journey as well. I’ve trained with some of the best coaches on the planet and I firmly believe that I would not have anything close to what I have today were it not for those opportunities.

Top tier coaching gives you an unprecedented level of personal attention infield and can propel you past plateaus and sticking points that might have otherwise taken you months or years of frustration to overcome.

How It Works:

  1. We start off by going over some ground rules and mental preparation for the night. I set you up with wireless surveillance microphones so that I can hear every conversation you’re having infield.
  2. Then as soon as we walk into the venue, I have you immediately open and warm up. We get you used to opening right away with no hesitation, regardless of the outcome.
  3. During your warmups, I’ll be evaluating you for where you’re currently at and what you’re working with. I take note of your strengths, your weaknesses, and anything I see holding you back.
  4. Then I’ll usually demo a set or two by giving the students a choice of what opener I should use. Feel free to be creative or throw tough openers at me. The only restriction is that the opener cannot be mean spirited or illegal. Anything else goes. Previous students have had me open with things like, “I just took a shit and there was no toilet paper so I had to use my hand. I just thought you should know that. High Five!”
  5. Then I’ll start sending you into sets with specific tasks designed to maximize skill development. Because you’re wired for sound, I’ll be listening and taking notes during your interactions for later discussion. After each set, I’ll give you some quick feedback with tips on how to correct your mistakes. If necessary, I’ll do on-the-fly demos to show you how to do things correctly.
  6. Throughout the night I’ll also be grooming you for self-sufficiency. I will gradually begin forcing you to lead and take the reigns as the night goes on so that by the time we finish, you are able to perform and execute correctly without the need for a coach to be standing there.
  7. Finally, we end the night with a very thorough military-style debrief. Armed with pages and pages of the notes I took infield, we sit down and I go through each interaction with a play-by-play of what you did right, what you could improve on, and most importantly, a customized, step-by-step game plan to follow from here on out which will allow you to continually improve.

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Dates City
August 17, 2012 Austin, TX
August 18, 2012 Austin, TX
You Choose! You Choose!

Wait, wait… there’s more! 🙂 Now here’s the part where I’m supposed to say, “but don’t take my word for it, listen to these people!” Well I think that’s bullshit because it’s way too easy to write fake testimonials even if you suck. And even when they’re “real,” half the time it’s a company that promised boot camp students free stuff if they write a good testimonial. Dishonest to say the least. So I’ve made it a policy to not post “testimonials” because they’re essentially worthless. Instead, I’m going to post things people have said about my training UNSOLICITED. In other words, without me even so much as asking nicely. Most of these things are random comments people have made on forums, so many of these comments can be actually verified.

Here’s what people are REALLY saying behind closed doors…

“His infield feedback was absolutely brilliant when he taught me. Definitely one of the top coaches out there.”
– “October” Posting on the Forums

“DJ Fuji is quite possibly the best instructor on the planet for teaching guys the solid fundamentals necessary to really get the kind of women you want in your life. Kudos for interviewing him. He is seriously a force to be reckoned with in the dating community.”
–Nick Quick/Adonis from, commenting on a blog post

“…I took Fuji’s workshop and got a solid push in the right direction. I got a complete reboot with a complete outer game method that I can use to build my muscles the right way. And I learned some new strategies for learning. By going through all the elements of game with Fuji I was able to identify the things I have learned really well and the things I need a lot of work on. I got some high octane material to use for attraction.” 
–”Fearless” Posting on The Forums

“Weird. I just ran into djfuji, and I’m guessing all his wings, or bootcamp students. Totally solid game, solid guy, and definitely a guy to look up too. Too bad I didn’t hear about this group until it was to late. But i can definitely tell you guys he stays close to his students and cares more than anything that they get the most they can in every moment in life.” 
–”Pulse.One” Posting on

“He’s basically the world’s, like, best coach. I think he’s a better coach than I am.” 
–Mehow at The 10SSA SuperConference

“Fuji is, in my mind, THE best technical instructor out there…” 
–Steve “El Topo” Mayeda from The Red Mole

“I’d also like to thank you for all the awesome 1:1′s and help you’ve given me throughout the program, I think it’s fair to say that I wouldn’t be anywhere near the level I’m at if it wasn’t for your passion, dedication and ability as a coach. So thanks man, I really appreciated it.” 
-Dave C., Head Coach for Mehow Inc.

“I took his bootcamp and was highly impressed. Literally, the best PU training I’ve gotten… I’ve gone to other bootcamps and they just pale in comparison.” 
–Peter P. from

“It was a small group of guys going infield with an instructor who really cared. At various points while in set, he came to each of us and basically gave us the next step. Later after the infield training, he gave us feedback. At first I was skeptical but after seeing him also [sic] demostrate kiss close in like 5 minutes I knew that this stuff works.”
–Dennis F. from Los Angeles

“Yet, without the right inspiration or support or push, it seems I simply don’t approach. Guys like El Guapo and Swagger have been pushing me to approach, but I just wasn’t able to. Yet, DJ Fuji was…I was able to approach many sets right away as I entered the venue during the bootcamp, and even though I hesitated for the sets after my warmups, it wasn’t for more than a few minutes at max with Fuji. With other people…it’s like I hesitate to the point where I don’t do it at all.”
–”PradaG” posting on

My Promise to you

Like all of my services and products, a la Carte Infield Training comes with a 100% iron-clad, money-back guarantee. What does that really mean? It means that if you attend the coaching, follow my instructions, and make it through the course and feel that in some way, shape, or form that this coaching wasn’t worth EVERY penny you invested in it… then you don’t pay one cent — 100% of your tuition gets refunded to you. No scare tactics, bait-and-switch, or strong-arm persuasion used. That’s my promise to you..