“Core Fundamentals” Workshop & Boot Camp

How a 5’4″ Tubby, “Conservative” Asian Pulls Models, Strippers, and Blazing Sex Goddesses From The Hottest Clubs… and Can Teach You To Do The Same In Three Short Days!

Hey guys,

DJ Fuji here. Yes, it’s really me writing this. At 4am, I might add. And I ALSO just discovered that the Marines lied to me and that I’m not really as tall as Style (5’6″). Or Mr. M. Or Asian Playboy. As it turns out, I’m actually the shortest dating coach in the industry. Yay for me. 🙂

Anyhow, I’m actually super excited about some of the breakthroughs that students have been getting with the new format of my programs. In fact, I just had two virgins lose their v-card back-to-back in the last couple of weeks. Not to mention a student who just got engaged. It’s to the point where more than half of the emails I get now are from virgins… and by the time they’re done with my training, they’re virgin-free.

See, it’s one thing to teach a tall, good-looking guy how to talk to women. But it’s a whole other ballgame when the guy is short, Asian, and severely socially underdeveloped. Tack on some really limiting cultural beliefs and you have yourself a recipe for a typical DJ Fuji student. 🙂

Now I realize that it’s not really “fair” given that there aren’t that many super short Asian coaches in this industry, much less coaches who can identify with short/asian/ugly/etc disqualifiers, but the bottom line is that students seek me out because I get results where others fail.

I’m living proof that it can be done even with huge disqualifiers. But the devil is in the details. The key is in ditching theory in exchange for application and practice and using a systematic approach to identifying the holes in students’ social skills and creating a custom game plan to fix it. The lecture-based, “one-size-fits-all” model that permeates much of the pickup instruction these days attempts to provide a proverbial band-aid to the sucking chest wound of social skills. And as many of us have found out, it’s simply not effective.

Now before I toot my own horn and tell you about how amazing and mind-blowing and blah blah blah, I’m going to be straight up with you.

The Core Fundamentals Workshop and Boot Camp is not for everyone. And I don’t say that in a “marketing tactic” kind of way (“omg people are FREAKING out, we only have ONE COPY LEFT AND THEY’RE FIGHTING TO THE DEATH OVER IT”). 🙂

All kidding aside, I regularly turn away students at boot camps if I don’t think they’re a good fit. I’m serious when I say this course is NOT for everyone. In fact, if I’m really being honest with you, I’ll admit that it isn’t for MOST people.

…because MOST people will never get good.

And I’m not particular interested in training those guys. I don’t want guys who want to dabble in this and never get good. I don’t want guys who aren’t serious about this. I don’t want guys who “kind of” want to change if it’s easy or convenient for them.

Because this process is FAR from easy. And those guys are going to waste my time, and theirs. I’d much rather train a smaller group of guys whom I know are dedicated and will get good, no matter what it takes.

So when I designed this course, rather than setup a generic course that’s easy, fun, and applies to everyone, I took a different route.


I designed a course which is focused less on being “fun” or “easy” and more on being INSANELY EFFECTIVE. Have you ever seen the guys who have taken 20 boot camps but still can’t talk to a woman? A lot of that is because he’s never gone through a structured system to first teach him the core fundamentals of social interactions, then to add tactics and techniques, and finally to make him self-sufficient so that he can do it without a coach’s presence. Without that, he’s super excited right after a boot camp but as soon as the “boot camp high” wears off, he finds himself alone in a club with no one to push him and he clams up and can’t execute.

I’ve seen that happen over and over again and I created the Core Fundamentals Course and follow on training specifically to stop that once and for all. This course isn’t easy. Half the time it’s not even “fun” (though if we’re being honest, the girl in your bed makes up for the lack of fun).

Anyone who claims to have a ‘fun’ course is filling it with crap that makes you feel good but doesn’t help you.

Instead, we have a course composed of 30-40 hours of intensive, jam-packed, hands-on instruction designed to get you better long-term results and growth than any other company out there. Period.

That’s a big claim, I know. But the only reason I can make it is because I bet students every boot camp that if they learned more from someone else’s training, then they don’t pay me one red cent. And week after week, I win that bet. If you’re reading this, you probably aren’t wondering if training is effective. You KNOW training is effective. But you want the BEST training. And that’s why you’re here. There’s a reason I can make bets like that with my students. There’s a reason my boot camps have the reputation that they do.


Oh there have been times when students didn’t LIKE me for sure… I’m not here to be your friend. I’m here to be your BEST friend. The guy who will tell you when your zipper is down. The guy who will take your keys when you’ve been drinking and will physically remove you from the driver’s seat if necessary. The guy, in this case, who will give you the skills, technique, motivation, and real-world, honest feedback that no one else — including your mother — will give you.

So I won’t just be your “friend.” And I won’t make any claims on this process being fun or easy. But I will make one very important claim, and that is that with this course, you will get better long-term results for your money than ANYWHERE else.

So if that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place.

95% Failure Rates

Out of 100 random guys in the community, 95 of them will fail and never reach their goals. That’s a higher drop out rate than medical school, the Navy Seals “Hell Week”, and Marine Corps Boot Camp… combined.

What does that mean to you? It means that statistically, you won’t ever get good because of the overwhelming odds against you. Would you bet on a sports team that had a 95% chance at losing? I would hope not.

So what you need then are tools that will help you move from being in the “95%” to being in the “5%” that will actually make it. These tools are why I designed this course.

“Core Fundamentals”

The Core Fundamentals Course is not about lecture, theory, and pseudo-psychology. It’s not about being a loser who can trick women into bed because he has the latest lines. It’s about becoming that guy. The guy who can make friends as easily as he can seduce a woman. The guy who can walk into a party without knowing anyone and 30 minutes later has the entire party captivated by his stories. The guy who oozes charisma. Who always seems to come out on top, no matter how many obstacles get thrown his way. THAT guy. That’s what this course is designed to give you.

We do this with a mix of exercises, drills, in-field training, communication analysis, technology, fashion expertise, and more.

But perhaps what’s most important to your results is something that’s simultaneously staggeringly effective but impossible to substitute: Individual Attention and Training. I’ve taken out 90% of the theoretical lecture that most instructors teach and I’ve replaced it with individual attention and training. Through the drills and exercises we do, I will be able to pinpoint your sticking points and social strengths and weaknesses so that I can tailor what I teach to best address YOU as an individual.

Ultimately, the Core Fundamentals course is about ACTION and real-world results. Screw academic theory and lectures that make you feel like you know more about women but don’t actually get you results. This program is all about getting better. In lieu of the generic textbook lecture, we’ll cover things like:

  • Hammering out the nervous ticks and sub-communication “tells” every untrained student has (but is unaware of) when he approaches
  • Customizing the curriculum for where YOU’RE at as an individual
  • Practicing drills I’ve developed specifically to help with things like humor and thinking on your feet
  • How to rehearse material — a stack — in order to teach you delivery
  • Breaking down your body language and showing you how to improve it to generate attraction before you even open your mouth
  • Critiquing and analyzing your fashion and style
  • Correcting
  • How to acquire both confidence and dominance in your interactions and why that alone will transform your game overnight
  • Preparing for the most common scenarios you’ll run into infield so that you’re always ready for the unexpected
  • How to get rid of flakey phone numbers once and for all
  • The ONLY “rule” you need to remember to completely mastering your inner game
  • And way, way more…

For upward of 30 hours, we sit down and work on the things that will help you the most in your development. Everyone’s different, so no two boot camps are the same. There is heavy customization each course so that the curriculum fits you as an individual.



Friday: 3PM – 9PM; Infield: 10PM-4AM (or later)

Sat: 12PM – 8PM; Infield: 10PM-4AM (or later)

Sun: 12PM – 8PM


100% Iron-clad, Hassle-Free, Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m confident that not only is my training the best you’ll find, but it’s also the best VALUE. And I put my money where my mouth is. I don’t want you to sign up for this program worrying about whether or not you might have made a mistake. Sign up with no risk whatsoever. If at the end of the weekend you feel like it wasn’t worth every penny, let me know right then and there and I’ll give you 100% of your money back on-the-spot. All I ask is that you give it 100% and that you finish the program strong. If you still don’t think it was worth what you paid, just let me know and you pay nothing.

Find me a better guarantee from a reputable coach. I dare you.

You have nothing to lose. It’s time for action.

Update: Due to overwhelming demand, I am no longer offering coaching to the general public. New clients are now taken by application only. If you feel that you would be a good fit for training, please fill out an application here: