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It’s that time again.

Yesterday I arrived in Seattle — the first leg of my 2nd annual “Americas” Tour where I travel around North and South America stopping in nearly every major city to do free lair talks and presentations. Last year’s trip to Colombia was one of the greatest growth opportunities and experiences of my life, and I expect no different this year. [Read More]



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I normally don’t do this because I’m a hardass and expect men to be men and be responsible adults. But I suppose I’ve gone soft because I’m giving you procrastinators one last chance.

Today is the deadline for applications for the free boot camp offer for those who attended T21C Orlando 2010. That’s right, for a measly $150 ticket price, some lucky-but-deserving-guy is going to get a $2000 boot camp — free. To my knowledge, I’m the first and only coach to give out actual training vouchers as prizes at live events. But it’s no longer going to be random. From now on, training voucher prizes are going to be more like scholarships — they will be awarded to the most worthy candidates.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, then I highly suggest you attend next year’s 21 Convention Event, either in Europe or Orlando. You just might get a free boot camp out of it..



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I originally wrote this in like 2006 and it spread around all the forums back then. Stumbled across it recently and decided to update it for 2010 as pick up has changed a lot since ’06. You old-timers will probably remember some of the references from back in the day.

10. You know who Eben, Erik, Neil, and Owen are, but you refuse to call them by their real names unless they insist. Sometimes not even then.

9. Every time you hang out with your friends/wings, you crack at least one joke “asking for a female opinion”.

8. Your former porn hiding space is now overrun with pickup books and DVDs.

7. When people mention “Tyler Durden” from Fight Club you’re not thinking of Brad Pitt. It’s actually weird to watch fight club again because all the references have different meanings to you. The project mayhem cult references are twice as funny in an inside-joke sort of way.

[Read More]



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It’s been a crazy two weeks. For those of you curious, I spoke again at The 21 Convention, finished editing my interview with Dan Rose (Videos embedded at the end of this post. Note: This is him interviewing me. I interviewed him here), went on the Casanova Crew Podcast to talk about what it takes to be a coach, and signed up a few more students into my Long Term Coaching Program. Oh, and I finally kinda learned how to use my new Canon EOS Rebel T2i. Sorta. (See pictures).

The 21 Convention was, as always, a blast. Even though I spent most of it working, it’s always great to see old friends and make new ones. [Read More]



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It’s that time again, gents. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already since the last 21 Convention event. For those of you fairly new to the blog, last year’s convention was my first major speaking engagement after having resigned from the old company and starting out on my own. Even though I had decent media exposure from my previous employer, I was, for the most part, walking into the convention as a “nobody.” In fact, I was technically a fill-in for someone else who couldn’t make it. And even when I gave the speech, I thought I was bombing it.

But to my surprise, the reviews, emails, and feedback started pouring in and apparently people liked it. That one little speech seemingly launched my career, giving way to MTV deals, interviews, documentary appearances, and tons of exposure. But even more important than that were [Read More]



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Recently stumbled across an amazing post by my friend Chase Amante. I don’t generally advocate guys spend a lot of time on pickup forums because of the horrible signal-to-noise ratio and inherent keyboard jockeyism taking place, but every once in a while I come across stuff that is absolutely golden.

When it comes to reading (pickup stuff or otherwise) I tend to be a very critical thinker. When I come across new ideas I’ll read with an open mind, absorb the content, and then filter it through what I call an exceptions list. It’s something we do in computer programming. Basically I take the claims made in the article and I compare them to my experiences to see if I can find exceptions. The more exceptions and contradictions I find, the less I trust the content and author. Conversely, the more things that I find resonates with my experiences, the more [Read More]



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You guys probably notitced the Tip of the Week section took a temporary hiatus while I was traveling but we’re back on track with this week’s tip on eye contact and winking.

A lot of guys think I get opened a lot when I’m out either teaching or sarging. But the truth of the matter is that while it APPEARS that several dozen women approach me each night, they’re actually only responding to my non-verbal opening earlier in the night. They’re not walking up cold, they’re usually walking up because I was [Read More]